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July 2, 2018

1920s Rotary Phone

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Dealing with Grief: Denial

It has been far too long since I began the Grief Series, and denial is probably a big part of that! And by “probably,” I mean “definitely.” In January, my maternal grandfather passed away. Although our extended family has largely stayed connected through its matriarchs, this came as a major blow to us all. Dente (one of those weird nicknames given to him by a beloved granddaughter – cough –  ...

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Not My Face: The Seen and Unseen Aftermath of Medical Trauma

Presented at the Critical Juncture 2017: The Role of Art at the Art@Work Program by Alexandra C. Pauley. Originally presented at a 2016 Bleux Stockings Society safe space show in Atlanta for the theme, “Beauty.” Warning: Graphic Images Below   I have always been beautiful. Growing up, I was thin even though I ate like a racehorse. I managed to get out of braces before high  ...

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Meet the Original Cast

Depth Perception premiered at the Atlanta Fringe Festival June 7-10, 2018, winning the Audience Choice Award for ensemble show. The show was produced by Alex Carter, who wrote and directed the show, and Tenaya Cleveland, who starred as Maxine. The original set was designed and built by Ellaree Yeagley. The mask used in the show was conceptualized and made by Lucas Ryan, Joyce N. Ryan, who  ...