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Finding Restoration, One Practice at a Time

I started learning the Primary series of Ashtanga yoga last November on a whim. An acquaintance posted something on Instagram that caught my eye, leading me to follow Ashtanga Yoga Atlanta on the app. Just my luck, their beginners course was starting in just a couple weeks and at a very reasonable price! I hadn’t practiced any yoga in months, and my heart, body, and spirit yearned for  ...

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Healthy Changes Coming Soon!

My Sudden Sight is planning a relaunch for March, the National Autoimmune Diseases Month, and I, for one, couldn’t be more excited! 2017 was a year of big shifts and some worrisome setbacks for many of us in the chronic illness community. So for 2018, My Sudden Sight wants to offer a change of pace — and a shift in content. I first launched Sudden Sight back in 2011 as a personal  ...

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Do I Deserve It? Dealing with the Feelings of Brokenness in a World That Says You Must Always be Happy and Whole

Tonight I had a spectacularly eventful Friday night! By which, I mean I went to Trader Joe’s, made cauli-alfredo with quinoa fusilli, and settled in to watch a movie. I chose Return to Me with Minnie Driver and David Duchovny. In addition to Minnie Driver being one of my absolute favorite actresses (a master at her craft), I also remembered thinking of this

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My Sudden Sight

Last night, I watched the movie Cake, which stars Jennifer Aniston as an ill-tempered woman dealing with chronic pain. Seeing her move slowly and robotically, small gasps with every effort, brought back some difficult memories. But also a clear sense of strength and of hope. As anyone with chronic pain can tell you, it becomes so much more than a physical nuisance. As hours turn into days,  ...

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Waking Up: How I Took my Health into my Own Hands

For the past year, I’ve been tired. Exhausted, really. I’d sleep anywhere from 10-12 hours a night, but still walk around like a zombie all day and take frequent naps. I was miserable. But according to my doctors, nothing was wrong. Vitamin D levels? Normal with my daily supplements. B6 and B12? Fine. Thyroid? Enlarged, but showing no signs of hyper or hypothyroidism. So why was I so  ...