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Atlanta Fringe Festival Welcomes My Sudden Sight Creator Alex Carter’s Production “Depth Perception”

My Sudden Sight creator Alex Carter will be producing her original play, “Depth Perception,” at the Atlanta Fringe FestivalĀ June 6-10! Digital painting, used as promotional print, was created by Atlanta-based artist Joyce N. Ryan. Depth Perception A dark comedy about a young woman, Maxine, coming to terms with theĀ rollercoaster of emotions that (literally) haunt her daily life. In  ...

  Creative Expression

I Got Up This Morning

I got up this morning Where’s the prize for that? I put on socks that didn’t match, I brushed my hair and washed my face I even thought to rinse with mouthwash I got up this morning Can’t you be pleased with that? I tried to eat a bit of toast I drank some juice and kept it down I even ventured to the sofa It’s not that I’m a quitter It’s not that I  ...

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How to Throw Your Best Pity Party Ever!

You just found out your best friend has been sleeping with your significant other. Your cat has the flu. Your job promotion went to the guy two cubes down who can’t even find AutoSum in Excel. The fecal matter has found its way up and into the proverbial fan, and life seems like it just can’t get any worse. We’ve all been there. From tragic hair days and fender-benders to  ...