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Once More Into the Breach

I’m sitting in a hotel room in Miami, mere hours from the next chapter in what has become a seven-year climb. I suppose I could think of my steady stream of surgeries as a mighty war against the scar tissue that continues to threaten my vision. Tomorrow’s surgery is but one battle of many in a long siege that the guerrillas seem to keep winning. Each time the surgeons believe  ...

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Try, Try Again

Do you ever wake up and just think, “Not today”? For those of us with chronic illnesses (or even difficult habits), finding a way out can seem like an impossible task. After years of trying, the trying itself can become a monstrous chore. I know I have certainly had moments where giving up looked like the best viable option. Except, I would remember, giving up means getting worse.  ...

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A New Approach

My last post explained how crummy I’ve been feeling in the last month. The culprit seems to be the oral prednisone I’ve been taking since my eye surgery in May. I am happy to say that after talking with my eye doctor today, I’ll be tapering off over the next month. So hopefully I should start to feel more normal soon. Unfortunately, that was the only good news from my visit.  ...

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Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis

Usually, I am a vegan. As of late, I have been… not-quite-so-vegan. Let’s just say I’ve needed certain comfort foods that have most definitely comforted me. I went through a similar process when I got out of the hospital. I’d been vegan for over a year at that point, but was staying at my grandmother’s for recovery. There was no telling Nana that she  ...