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Currently Loving: S.W. Basics

I actually happened upon the S.W. Basics line entirely by accident. It was one of those afternoons where I walked into Target with about three things on my “need” list and found myself, 45 minutes later, still wandering around with an over-full basket and wondering if I should just give up and get a cart. And there I was, turning back toward the beauty department where they have an entire section labeled “Plant.” Most of the products there, it seemed to me, didn’t even have a plant listed as the first product. However, there was one sample set that just jumped out at me: S.W. Basics.

5 ingredients!” shouted the toner – something I had been looking for anyway. “3 ingredients,” coaxed the cleanser and cream moisturizer. The thing that really got me? Every single one of those 11 ingredients was from actual plants – aloe vera juice, rosewater, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, etc. I’m already a sucker for good marketing. But good marketing fronting a good product?

They got me.

And I am in love!  I’ve tried so many products over the years, and sometimes I like them. Most times I don’t. Stress is the #1 cause of any blemish I’ve ever had. The #2 cause, I’ve more recently discovered, has more to do with my body detoxing faster than my skin can expel the toxins. The answer to both problems includes a regular skincare ritual that is physically cleansing, emotionally calming, and free of additional toxins. Enter: S.W. Basics.


Ingredients: Organic rosewater, organic vegetable glycerin, and organic tea tree oil

I’ve tried making my own oil-based cleansers before, and had some luck here and there. But the simplicity of this cleanser is astounding, especially given that my face actually feels clean after using it. The instructions say to apply the cleanser with a cotton pad and rinse. I personally like to use a rough washcloth, which adds some exfoliating friction to the process. Rather than rinsing off like I would most cleansers, I wet down the washcloth entirely with hot water, wring it out, lay it over my face for about 20-30 seconds to open the pores, and then wipe off the layer of cleanser and rinse.

(NOTE: In the morning – especially after my morning exercise routine – I sometimes like to use this activated charcoal bar from Little Seed Farm to wash away the sweat and start the skin detox process before starting the cleansing process.)


Ingredients: Water, organic apple cider vinegar, organic witch hazel, and organic clary sage and sandalwood oils

For this one, I follow the instructions to the letter: apply after cleansing with a cotton pad. Hey, it works! I used to avoid toners, feeling their astringent qualities were too much for my patchy skin (somehow dry and oily at the same time), but this simple mix has been helpful in reducing the acne along my jawline. That, and doing my best to remember to use earbuds when talking on the phone.


Ingredients: Organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, and organic olive oil

Again with the simplicity! It took some time for me to get used to this moisturizer. For one, I was applying too much at first. For another, I had a hard time with the shea butter smell. It really is distinct. Because of this, I only use the cream at night. After consulting with a friend who uses shea butter all day every day, I figured out that a small dip into the jar with one finger is more than enough to cover my entire face and neck. Rubbing the product between your hands will help melt the shea butter, making it glide over the skin more easily, and making you feel like you’ve gotten plenty on your face without having to rub a bunch on.

In all, I give this product line an A+.* It’s simple, organic, and entirely non-toxic (as long as you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients). When I ran out of the cleanser, I went ahead and bought full sizes of all three products. If you try them out, or have any suggestions about how you use them, I’d love to hear about it in the comments. Enjoy!

XO, A.C.


*As with any product, I highly recommend trying it out for awhile before making a decision as to whether or not to keep it in your daily routine. I was not sponsored by the company in any way, and I am not directly endorsing the company. This review simply says that I found a product I like, and I think you might like it, too.

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