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Healthy Changes Coming Soon!

My Sudden Sight is planning a relaunch for March, the National Autoimmune Diseases Month, and I, for one, couldn’t be more excited!

2017 was a year of big shifts and some worrisome setbacks for many of us in the chronic illness community. So for 2018, My Sudden Sight wants to offer a change of pace — and a shift in content.

I first launched Sudden Sight back in 2011 as a personal blog about my own experiences recovering from toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN, an aggressive form of SJS) and coping with the return of my rheumatoid arthritis (RA). When I noticed my little blog was reaching more than my few attentive friends and family – even bringing me into contact with new friends from around the world – I stepped it up a notch and launched My Sudden Sight, a general blog dedicated to “finding clarity in health chaos.”

But still, something wasn’t quite right. As a graduate student studying media effects and political science at Georgia State University, my time for the blog dwindled, and the passion I’d once felt for the site quietly settled as embers in the back of my heart.

It’s true that as I begin my dissertation work this year as a Ph.D. candidate, I might find myself even more tired than previous years. However, I have also discovered that we make time for the things we truly care about. We give priority to the projects that can no longer sit on the backburner. And I have decided that now, more than ever before, is the time to take a stance. Now is the time to reach out and connect with the amazing people of our growing, yet oft-ignored community. Now is the time I make time for you!

A few posts you can look forward to seeing more of include:

  • Podcast Interviews talking with people living with chronic disease and with the professionals seeking to alleviate this growing epidemic,
  • Healthcare Tips to help you navigate the ever-changing healthcare laws and the frustrations of for-profit health insurance,
  • Book & Product Reviews to give you a sense of what’s out there that can help you change your diet or revitalize your complexion, for example,
  • Helpful Articles that cover the gamut from mindful morning routines and new scientific research on the causes of chronic disease to restorative, culturally sensitive yoga practices and delicious, inflammation-reducing recipes,
  • And, as always, my own Personal Posts to help you feel a little less alone in your daily, often-invisible, struggle amongst the “normies.”

So as my New Year’s Resolution, here is my promise to all of you, my few but loyal readers: 2018 is just the beginning of a shift in our society to provide everyone with the opportunity to pursue happiness, health, and a sense of normalcy. And I plan to be there posting, motivating and commiserating with you ever step of the way.

XO, A.C.

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