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I Got Up This Morning

I got up this morning
Where’s the prize for that?
I put on socks that didn’t match,
I brushed my hair and washed my face
I even thought to rinse with mouthwash

I got up this morning
Can’t you be pleased with that?
I tried to eat a bit of toast
I drank some juice and kept it down
I even ventured to the sofa

It’s not that I’m a quitter
It’s not that I don’t try
It’s just that I don’t know when
I’ll fall apart and cry

I don’t know how to express
I want to show I care
Then suddenly I break down
It’s like I’m not even there

I got up this morning
Where’s the prize for that?
I breathed air in and breathed it out
I blinked my eyes and didn’t cry
I even tried to dream that I’d be more than this

Because I am more than this

Written by Alexandra C. Pauley
July 2015

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