My Alimentary Adventure

My Alimentary Adventure: Day 7

Although I’m only a few days in, my body has already begun the process of detoxing. And while the end result, I know, will be me feeling fantastic, right now I just feel crummy. I’m going through weird swings of feeling wired then crashing. I’m hardly ever hungry (which is very unlike me). I’m thankfully not having painfully strong cravings, but that might be because I’ve still slipped up with sugar a couple times. Not to self: Check every label ever.

But the worst part has been in my gut itself. Without going into all the gory details, I can tell you that my intestines are NOT happy about being denied their usual fare. My stomach is always gurgling, and I swear I feel as though i’m rushing to bathroom 10 times a day!

When all of the above continued for three straight days, I started reading online to see if my reaction was normal. Apparently, it’s totally normal to feel way worse before you feel better. The very act of detoxing means putting your body through some major changes. Like everything else in life, introducing major changes – even for the better – can come with some equally major bumps in the road. Several blogs I read, including this one from Paleo Plan, said it can take up to three weeks for your digestive track to settle down. Three weeks! Another blog, Paleo Leap, has several articles (like this one) with suggestions for getting through the detox period.

For one, I have decided to look into food sensitivity testing. Maybe there’s something I’m now eating more of that’s causing a problem. For two, I’m I’m trying to introduce more probiotic foods into my diet. This is pretty hard, since I pretty much only like pickles and kombucha – but hey, that’s a start! For three, I’m packing in the fiber-rich prebiotic foods (I highly recommend reading The Paleo Mom’s Fiber Manifesto).

I guess I’ll let you know how it goes!

March 7, 2017

Today I ate:

  • Breakfast – Woke up too late for breakfast. Again. 🙁
  • Lunch – Salmon salad made with “mayo” I based on a recipe from The Healing Kitchen, dill, garlic, and capers; marinated artichokes; and plantain chips in lieu of crackers
  • Dinner – Beef stew made with bone broth, chuck roast, leftover marinated beef heart, carrots, parsnips, kale, onion, garlic, and lots of tasty AIP-friendly herbs

Today I exercised:

  • I didn’t. Another trend that is now glaring me in the face.

Today I felt: Honestly? Bloated.

There are certainly more reasons than one for this feeling (read: lady reasons) this week, but it’s definitely been more pronounced today. Thank goodness for loose t-shirts and pajama pants!

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