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  My Alimentary Adventure

My Alimentary Adventure: Preparation (Week 2 Wrap-up)

While the first seven days of this journey were all about getting into the swing of things, week two was about preparation. Sounds a little backwards? Let me explain… I have decided to jump headfirst into caring for my body. That means: new dietary discoveries, all kinds of testing, getting systematic with my exercise and eating habits, and above all else finding the best ways for me to  ...

  My Alimentary Adventure

My Alimentary Adventure: Day 5

Today I officially signed up for Zesty Ginger’s Healthy Hormones Group program! It starts on March 14 and runs for 12 weeks, covering all three months of the AIP challenge I’ve made for myself. And right now, that means lots of time spent filling out questionnaires, waiting on test results, and figuring out how to make my diet work for me! That’s been one of the major  ...

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Moving Forward, Bending Backward

Today has been a big day for me (no fooling!) The beautiful sun in the sky marked a happy change in my life toward a brighter future. I started the day with a piloxing class (combination of Pilates, dance, and kickboxing), which only a year ago I could not dream of doing. I made it through the hour-long class and was hyped up with endorphins for the rest of my day! No NSAIDS needs. Take that,  ...